Flirting with life – Become a love magnet in eight steps

Act as if…..

Everything is energy. In order to attract what we want we must match and resonate with that specific frequency. Love is the highest frequency, there are many ways to vibe it. One way is to look for ways you are loved. Evidencing the love in your life directs your focus to where love already exists. This is a powerful way to attract more love into your life – energy flows where attention goes. Feeling grateful for the love that you do have in your life brings more to your door.

Be a fountain of love

A powerful way to tune into this energy is to give love to others, literally become a source of love. Someone who is vibrating at the frequency of love will feel love-abundant and have plenty to give away. When we give, we open our hearts to receive. Give your love and share your light, now watch what comes back to you. You can do this through random acts of kindness, giving compliments to others, even just sending love to others energetically. When I was practising this process I would tell anyone and anything I loved them,. Plants, trees even strangers.. Although I do advise speaking internally and in silence to avoid looking totally mad!

Get Passionate

Fill yourself up with things you love, anything that makes you feel vital and passionate will raise your frequency. For me it’s singing and dancing, listening to empowering music, having fun with friends and playing with my dogs. Milk the good vibes as much as you can in all situations that light you up.

Own it

Think about how it will feel to be loved in the way you desire. Write a list and then meditate on it. When doing this process for myself I would literally breathe into those emotions with a big smile on my face. As these feelings become familiar to you they will become your dominant energy. Your vibration will change at a cellular level and you will attract people and situations that affirm those feelings.

Make a list of all the things that make you lovable. Why would you be attracted to you? Find 150 reasons and read them back to yourself everyday. This will help you affirm the belief that you are a love attractor, which will leave you no doubt of your love-magnet capabilities. This certainty and confidence will amp up your love magnetism to the next level.


If you knew with absolute certainty that love was on its way, how would you feel and behave? Before I met my soulmate I had absolute faith in the fruition of my desire for love. In that mindset it didn’t matter to me when, or even how, it would arrive because I felt so damn good in the knowing.. I felt excited in anticipation of it, but also relaxed and easy about it. I would wear sexier underwear just because it made me feel good and was fun. Knowing that what you want is on it’s way releases subconscious resistance to attracting a partner . During that time I was oozing love from my every pore, I was attracting attention, even receiving unexpected gifts. I was flirting with life and it felt amazing! Imagine how good it would feel to live your life this way?

Love up on your self

Max up on self love. It’s a lifelong commitment that is always reflected back to you in a relationship. When you focus on self-acceptance and nurturing your body, mind and spirit on a daily basis, you will be infinitely more attractive. You will become more love- magnetic, divine guidance will flow into your reality with ease and grace.

Self love is also taking the time out for self inquiry. When we understand ourselves we have a clearer idea of what we want and also what will serve and support us. A great way to get to know your self better is to figure out your values. Our values are what’s important to us. Knowing them can help us make decisions and allow you to set up strong personal boundaries. Having them in your back pocket gives us a great grounding to attract the exact kind of love we want.

Trade expectation for appreciation.

Expectation is a love repellent for it sets us up for disappointment. When we are constantly upholding something to a standard or vision and it doesn’t work out that way we can become bitter and frustrated. We find ourselves emitting an energy we don’t want, which will only attract more of the same. Expect good things for yourself but don’t place rigid ideals on how these are going to show up. The universe will bring you a perfect match to who and what you are only when you’re ready for it.

Letting go of attachments to how you think others should be and behave helps us open our hearts. It enables us to see the love in others and the universe will reflect our open perspective back to us. Expectation feels tight and rigid whereas appreciation feels open and relaxed. Flexing your gratitude muscle as often as you can makes it grow stronger. I don’t know about you but I am always attracted to people who are appreciative. When people are thankful I feel inclined to give them more. On the other hand when I am stuck in resentment from an undelivered expectation i’ve noticed my husband runs a mile!

Get specific

Get really clear on what and who you want to call in. The more detailed the description, the more clarity the universe has. Submit your universal order, just as you would when ordering your meal in a restaurant. Once you have placed your order, let it go and trust, it will be delivered to you when it’s ready. Before I met my husband I wrote a list of the attributes I desired in my soul mate, I then looked at where I owned those attributes within myself. This is important for like attracts like. It’s worth spending some time on this and don’t forget to leave anything off that list you will get what you ask for! If you’re a visual person create a vision board and place it where you will see it often. If you’re kinaesthetic feel into as much as you can. When I was in attraction mode I imagined how my partner would feel, I could touch him, smell him and even got as specific as hearing him breathe. This is your time – be creative, let your imagination run wild.

Have fun with these processes, make it playful and light. Remember you are love, it’s where you came from. Becoming a love magnet is just remembering who you really are.

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