8 Things to give up for a stress free life

1. Give up saying yes when you really mean no. 

Set strong boundaries for yourself by valuing your time and only doing things that you really want to do. When we say yes, when we really mean no, we end up feeling resentful about the thing that we said yes to and those around us can often sense that energy. It doesn’t feel good to go against our personal desires and shows a lack of self respect. So next time you don’t want to do something, say no!

2. Give up toxic energy.

When we think negative thoughts and when we gossip and complain in life, we will notice drama showing up all around us as a reflection of just that. Everything we experience externally is literally a mirror to what is going on internally, so focus on feeding your inner world with loving and positive thoughts and intentions.

When you find yourself gossiping or bitching, stop! Show compassion towards others and lift them up. That energy feels good and will magnify the more you put it out there.

3. Give up comparison and jealousy.

When we compare, we forget ourselves and our own personal authentic truths and journeys. The only person we should be comparing ourselves with is the one we were yesterday. Only better yourself for you – no one else.

Comparison is the thief of joy and will only add stress to your life. Look to others only for inspiration and if the green eyed monster flairs know that is just a signal from the universe indicating where you are not loving yourself fully.

4.  Give up distractions and being busy for the sake of it.

We distract ourselves much of the time because we are so used to being busy that we have forgotten to slow down, and just be. Being still, being with ourselves and meditating are all things that allow us to develop a deeper sense of connection with ourselves.

Things we often use to numb out and distract ourselves with are binge watching trashy TV, coffee, alcohol, using social media and other forms of procrastination. Give yourself an hour of alone time each day to do soul nourishing things instead like reading, meditating or cooking.

5. Give up focusing on the past.

When we are stuck on things that happened previously we miss the blessings inherent in the now. If you are finding it difficult to let go of the past go easy on yourself but know there is still some healing you have to do.

If we are stuck in the past it is often due to feeling resentment about something that has happened. Resentment blocks you from receiving so much of the good that is always flowing your way. Let go of old stories and welcome in the new.

6. Give up going life alone.

We were born to connect and to assist one an other. Just look at ancient tribes, they were built on community. If you feel stuck ask for help, reach out to people who have skills you don’t.

Some of our best and most productive ideas come as a result of connecting with others. Meeting with like minded souls helps us elevate our vibration and energy, which can spark those inspired thoughts that help us move forward with our projects.

7. Give up perfection and take up appreciation over expectation.

There is no such thing as perfection and if we hold ourselves to impossibly high standards we are always going to feel that we fall short. If you expect things to go perfectly then you will constantly set yourself up for disappointment.

Learning to just go with the flow of life is incredibly liberating and will alleviate so much stress. Trust that life is always working out as it is meant to and find the perfection in all of life’s imperfections.

8. Give up staying comfortable.

As the saying goes ‘leap and the net will appear.’ All growth happens outside of our comfort zones. We usually stay comfortable because of fear of the unknown but when we get out of our own way and move through fear we grow tenfold and open ourselves up to a whole new world of opportunity.

As they say feel the fear and do it anyway.

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