Tree of Life ‘I AM’ Affirmation Pendant – Gold

I designed this symbol to embody ‘I AM’ the two most powerful words in the universe.

I AM is a powerful statement and whatever follows it creates it. As the architect and co creators of our reality it is important that we are aware of the statements we are making to the universe starting with I AM.

I AM can be used as a powerful affirmation tool when we affirm positive aspects of ourselves. The powerful symbol used in the pendants reminds us to affirm every day so that we can be and attract what we want by becoming aware of who we really are. I AM represents our identity as who we believe we are determines the life that we live.

This striking pendant is made from 22 Carat gold plated on silver. It is also available in silver and rose gold on request.

The pendant comes on an 18″ silver chain plated in gold.

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Out of stock

Out of stock

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