Twin Flame Pendant – Gold

The Twin Flame pendant reflects and harnesses the power of the twin flame union.

The task of the twin flame is to become more whole, we as souls are already whole as we are but the twin flame dynamic seeks to balance the masculine and feminine energies in reaching enlightenment.

By becoming more whole we are becoming more of who you really are, by transcending our past wounds we can live in a free and joyous state.

Your twin soul is literally the other half of your soul.

We each have only one twin and after they are split the two souls go their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together. The Twin flame pendant represents the culmination of the lessons over lifetimes throughout our experience on the earthly physical plane.

This striking pendant is made from 22 Carat gold plated on silver. It is also available in silver.

The pendant comes on an 18″ silver chain plated in gold.

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3 in stock (can be backordered)

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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